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Clare View Accommodation

220 Spring Gully Road
Clare SA 5453

PO Box 392

0414 044 444



Clare View Accommodation - Guest reviews

Ever since we had our first guests in the Clare View HOUSE in February 2009 we have had great reviews. We are proud to get similar results with Clare View COTTAGE since it's opening in April 2012.

Guests who filled out our feedback form left valuable input about how to improve our accommodation even more.
Many improvements have been & will continue to be made to offer even better and more competative accommodation in the Clare Valley. We will continiously work on quality improvement of our accommodation to keep the satisfied level of guests that we have had so far.

We are very proud to rank number 2 of B&B's in the Clare Valley according to Tripadvisor. Please follow the link below to read some of our reviews on the most well known Travel review website. We used to have a list of great reviews here, but we believe it is more straight forward to have real life reviews from Tripadvisor! Tripadvisor gives an unedited, uncensored opinion from real guests and there experiences at Clare View!

Please have a look at Clare View Accommodation TRIPADVISOR Reviews here.

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